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Natural for Petroleum Gas and Mining LLC. (Hereafter refer as NPGM) was established in September 6, 2016 located at Sultan Qaboos Street, Building Oman Insurance Company Floor 1, office 108 from Limited of China.

Company has a various kind of business scopes and gets a very wide range qualification including petroleum & pressure vessel and oil pipeline construction, constructive & urban municipal construction engineering, electricity power plant & power network contract / installation and maintenance, and international trading, etc.

Company has qualification including petroleum industry, petro-chemical industry, chemical industry lump-sum grade 1 (one) contract; including housing construction, urban municipal public engineering construction, anticorrosive heat preservation engineering, steel structure engineering, fire fighting engineering, power engineering, decoration and adornment engineering, etc. and company has grade A1 & A2 pressure vessel & case designing, manufacturing and installation qualification, and has pressure pipeline grade GA / GB / GC / GD construction and installation qualification installation qualification, etc.


Company had passed through and got GB/T24001-24004 environment protection management system, GB/T19001-2008 quality control and management system. GB/T28001-2001 occupational safety management system, etc.

NPGM has long period of terms experiences for contracting the projects with technology services, manufacturing operation, installation and maintenances to the project scopes covering petroleum industry, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, coking technology service, sulfuric acid, electricity power, municipal construction, fire fighting, anticorrosive & heat preservation, steel structure, adornment & decoration and so on., which were offering with our technology services, equipment installation, equipment & devices manufacturing and such business wok, etc. our clients and our services are almost covering all of China provinces & cities and places including China Shandong province, China Shanxi province, Henan province, Xinjiang Autonomous region, Ninxia Autonomous region, Inner Mongolia Autonomous region, Hubei province, Liaonin province, Henan province, Qinghai province, Gansu province, Sichuan province for contracting the refinery plants, sulfur making acid plants, pyrite making acid plants, electrolysis aluminum making plants, synthetic ammonia making plants, monosodium glutamate making plants, thermoelectric plants, coking plants, pharmaceutical companies plants with offering more than 200 (two hundred) complete sets of equipment manufacturing and installation services, and so on.


NPGM has many branches in China including pressure vessel designing branch company, pressure vessel manufacturing company, chemical & pharmacy manufacturing engineering designing company, labor service company, project development company, industry and trade company, installation branch company, appliances instrument installation company, and so on., which is covering almost everywhere around China.

NPGM aims are focusing the clients as center point, safety as the first, people-oriented and quality as highest, which make our company always at the land of unbeaten from fierce market competition.

Chairman and general manager Mr. Sun Xinkai and Mr.Sheh Saleh will bring all the company employees to offer the first class and best technology services to the clients and we would like to offer our sincere cooperation and conspiracy development with social friends from all walks of life.

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